06 Mar 2015

6 Tips to Grow Your Instagram Audience FAST

by Aaron Lee, Guest Blogger from PostPlanner

Fun fact! Instagram has over 200 million users on their platform.

That is 20 million more than Twitter.

Instagram is a power player and I can see why that’s happening. It’s addictive.

I find myself spending a large portion of my time on Instagram going through photos and videos every single day.

And yes, I’ve went through the ritual of Instagram-ing my meal photos. If you’ve not done that then you’re definitely not an Instagram addict.

But I think the visual aspect of Instagram shares a better story compared to plain text.

Not much reading is required. #winning

A few months ago, I took over Post Planner’s Instagram account. At the time it had less than 50 followers. Today, the account is consistently adding 100 new followers weekly.

I think that’s good because it’s a business account and getting people to follow a corporate logo is tougher compared to a personal face.

After playing around with a few techniques, here’s what works for us:

Following others

This is not a secret. You have to start following others if you want to grow your business account. I started by following people in our industry.

That includes thought leaders, brand ambassadors and customers who I know use Post Planner.

This method helped us to get started fairly quickly. Using this method alone, we grew our first 100 followers in less than a week.

You can easily find your friends or influencers you’re friends with by going to your settings and click ‘Find Facebook friends’

photo 1

Connect your Facebook account.

Linking your Instagram to your Facebook account helps. The reason why is because when someone registers a new account on Instagram, they will have an option to connect their Facebook account and follow their friends who have done the same.

Another reason is you get a notification on Instagram if one of your Facebook friends joins. All this makes connecting Facebook and Instagram a very natural move.

photo 2

Share AWESOME content

You can’t escape this. If you don’t share great content, nobody will follow you. To date, we’ve posted over 200 photos. We started sharing 1 photo a day and now we’ve increased that number to 5 a day. YES FIVE! We usually post:

  • Quotes
  • Tips: Life hacks, digestible social media tips etc
  • Personal photos
  • Link post: We post a photo of our blog post and ask users to click on the link on our profile.

On average, most of them get 65+ likes a photo 4 comments. Our best photo had over 97 likes. 

They seem to work really well with our followers. Some of our followers were even re-posting our photos and that helped us out there.

photo 3

This year I plan to spice things up and share more behind the scenes photos on the page to see how they work.

Like & comment

Like and comment on other peoples photos to get you lots of attention. When I took over the account, one of the methods I did was following someone, liking 2-3 photos and leaving a comment on one of them.

This sneaky little method caught the attention of some thought leaders and they followed us back.

Today I still spend my time going through photos through hashtags, liking and commenting on them.

What not many know is that can actually like and comment simply by logging onto their Instagram on the web.

Here’s an example.

photo 4

Be out there.

The last method is easy and requires you to go out to outings and conferences where you meet other liked-minded people.

Last year Josh Parkinson our CEO went to several conferences where he caught up with a few thought leaders, such as Sue Zimmerman and Kim Garst, who had large followers on Instagram.

They took a group photo and Post Planner’s Instagram account was tagged. We had quite a number of followers who came from that conference.

A little trick I used was making sure I like all the photos he was tagged in. I also liked people’s photos who used the hashtag. That helped as well.

Be Personal!

Most of us want to grow our community but we forgot that we’re talking to real humans out there. If we want to be remembered and stand out, we have to be personal on Instagram. That means sharing stories and yes… selfie helps! 🙂

What do you think?

These five easy methods are the only methods that I personally used to help grow the account to over 2,800 followers.

It’s pretty straight forward and I bet if you follow them you too can grow your business account consistently.

I would love to learn from you.

What method are you using to grow your Insta-fans?

Ahna Hendrix

My specialty is organic growth across all networks. I specialize in content creation, design, relationship development and community growth. Since I was a young girl, my family owned businesses – from real estate to restaurants to nutritional consulting. I grew up in my parent’s businesses, saw what it takes to succeed, and developed a deep love and appreciation for what I consider “the cornerstones of every economy.” I love small businesses! And I love the entrepreneurial mind. So it wasn’t a surprise when the day came for me to strike out on my own and begin catering to like-minded people who work everyday to make their dreams a reality through the growth of their businesses. I fell in love with social media in 2009 and haven’t looked back. It’s never boring, and challenges me everyday. But seeing results and helping my clients succeed is the best! I built my businesses with the intention of having the freedom to manage it from anywhere in the world, and hope to eventually teach others how to do the same. ARCH Digital Agency is fortunate to work with clients worldwide – the U.S., Spain, UK, Switzerland, Australia, and more. On a personal level, I love to explore new places, indulge in oaky red wines, share dinner parties with close friends, curl up with a good book, and try out ethnic restaurants. I’m also a photographer, painter, green-thumb plant grower and rock the cooking game. Reach out to us with any questions you have or simply to say hello – we will respond to every email and would be delighted to hear from you.