14 Aug 2015

ARCH Welcomes a NEW Facebook Specialist, Adam May

As the CEO of ARCH Digital, I pride myself on bringing together some of the industries best social media marketers to work together for the benefit of our clients.

It is with a heavy heart I announce Blake Jamieson is leaving ARCH to focus on his personal brand.

The ARCH team is sad to see Blake go, but we’re all excited for his upcoming ventures and support him wholeheartedly in everything he aims to achieve. Blake has been an incredible asset to ARCH and I’m thankful to have had him be a part of the team.

“I’ve decided to part ways from ARCH Digital Agency to pursue my personal brand full-time. It was not an easy decision to make, because I really love and respect everyone at ARCH, and have full confidence in their abilities. While building my client portfolio has been a focus of mine for the past 5 years, I’ve pivoted to take my brand in a different direction. I’ll be spending my time writing and creating various digital products, meanwhile cheering on ARCH from the sideline! I recently finished 10 days of filming and editing, and created a free video training series at TwitterWorkshop.com. The workshop focuses on growing your network, influence, and customer base through authentic, relational marketing. Next, I plan to immerse myself in the new Facebook Ads Dashboard, so I can create a training series for that, too.” – Blake

The Beginner Facebook Ads course will continue to be a collaboration between Blake and ARCH and will be released within the next month.

BUT, it’s with MUCH excitement that I welcome ARCH’s new Facebook Ads Specialist, Adam May!!

I’ve known Adam for a few years through social media, and have always been impressed with his work ethic, professionalism, and insightful knowledge of Facebook ads. I’m VERY excited to welcome his expertise and skill set to the team.

Adam has been helping businesses tell their stories for the last decade. With a background as a graphic designer, Adam feels right at home in the visual world of social media, which he has been helping brands navigate for the past 7 years. This includes a long history of helping brands in the hospitality, retail, family services and real estate industries promote their business with Facebook Ads.

Adam has worked with all media outlets big and small, ranging from local college periodicals through the Travel Channel and everything in between – giving him the experience and professionalism to move the needle for your business. In his “off hours” he enjoys playing volleyball, looking for treasure at antique shops and searching for his future cabin on a lake.

Adam will be taking over all of Blake’s responsibilities, and we will be adding several services related to Facebook ads including trainings, ad strategy development, and consulting. Coming SOON!

Ahna Hendrix

My specialty is organic growth across all networks. I specialize in content creation, design, relationship development and community growth. Since I was a young girl, my family owned businesses – from real estate to restaurants to nutritional consulting. I grew up in my parent’s businesses, saw what it takes to succeed, and developed a deep love and appreciation for what I consider “the cornerstones of every economy.” I love small businesses! And I love the entrepreneurial mind. So it wasn’t a surprise when the day came for me to strike out on my own and begin catering to like-minded people who work everyday to make their dreams a reality through the growth of their businesses. I fell in love with social media in 2009 and haven’t looked back. It’s never boring, and challenges me everyday. But seeing results and helping my clients succeed is the best! I built my businesses with the intention of having the freedom to manage it from anywhere in the world, and hope to eventually teach others how to do the same. ARCH Digital Agency is fortunate to work with clients worldwide – the U.S., Spain, UK, Switzerland, Australia, and more. On a personal level, I love to explore new places, indulge in oaky red wines, share dinner parties with close friends, curl up with a good book, and try out ethnic restaurants. I’m also a photographer, painter, green-thumb plant grower and rock the cooking game. Reach out to us with any questions you have or simply to say hello – we will respond to every email and would be delighted to hear from you.