30 Oct 2017

3 Facebook Automated Rules You Should Be Running

Earlier this year, Facebook released Automated Rules, allowing advertisers to automatically update or notify of changes within your Facebook Ad Campaigns.  When setup properly, these automated rules can let Facebook Ads managers be more efficient in monitoring multiple campaigns. Anything that can save you time and effort is great, right? Let’s examine a handful of […]

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04 Oct 2017

4 Tips for Launching a Best-Selling Book on Amazon

Have you ever thought about launching a book on Amazon? If not, you should consider it. Why? Here are just a few reasons: It can be a great source of income that lasts for years It can be a huge lead generator It increases your credibility and can make you an authority I know this […]

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25 Jul 2017

Why Your Facebook and Instagram Page Might Get Deleted (And How to Prevent It)

Facebook is cracking down on those that violate its Terms of Service. They are also doing so with Instagram. You’ve probably heard stories from people about their Instagram or Facebook Page disappearing. It is happening. It is real. However, in 99.9% of the cases, it is entirely the fault of the person(s) managing those pages/accounts. […]

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21 Jun 2017

How to Create the Perfect Pre-Launch Sequence for Your Product Launch

It’s your worst nightmare… You spend months creating a great product – perhaps an online course or just an awesome service… …Then when you go to launch it, you hear crickets. Almost nobody buys. And so, you do all of that work for nothing. Sounds terrible, right? Well, you can prevent this type of situation […]

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05 Jun 2017

Case Study: Increasing Instagram Followers 462% in Two Weeks

  This week’s blog is a bit of a departure from my typical blog about Facebook Ads, but rather another social network that is near and dear to my heart – Instagram. If you know me well, or asked, you would know Instagram is by far my favorite social network. As a marketer with a […]

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23 May 2017

Your Marketing Priorities Are Out of Whack

In 2012, when I started (what is now) ARCH Digital Agency, social media marketing was completely different. Back then, I worked hard to convince business owners that social media wasn’t a passing fad and was necessary to the growth of their businesses. I juggled multiple social media channels without tools or fancy apps to make […]

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24 Apr 2017

Don’t Invite Your Friends To Like Your Facebook Page

You’ve created a new business or fan page on Facebook. You have a great logo and cover photo that you worked hard on. Branding is on point. You completed all the “about” sections and your page looks great. However, you have zero likes, and that does not look good. So what do you do? Most […]

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18 Apr 2017

3 Tips for a Successful Online Course Launch

It’s your worst nightmare… You spend months creating your very own online course to sell to the masses. Perhaps you’ve invested in a course creation service, or you’ve done it all on your own through countless hours of work. Then, when it comes time to launch… …almost nobody buys the course. The launch is a […]

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20 Feb 2017

4 Strategies to Become a Better Writer

Writing is an important element of almost any business. With it, you can tell your story, create great content, sell more products, and build life-long fans and customers. Without it, you’ll start to stand out amongst the competition. Now, you have two choices when it comes to the writing of your business and your website… […]

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14 Feb 2017

Consistency is the Key to Facebook Marketing

Consistency is key.   There are all sorts of tips and tricks on how to manage a Facebook Page, but if you aren’t consistent, you won’t succeed. As a social media marketer, I have friends and acquaintances reaching out to me often asking for advice on how to turn around their struggling Facebook Page. When I […]

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