My 5 year old niece, Kaelyn (pictured above) helped me remember a very crucial Twitter marketing truth the other night that I want to share with you:  Be direct, and don’t be afraid to sell.

Kaelyn came over the other night and I was asking her how she’d been. Every question I asked, she answered directly and in just a few words.  At one point, she decided she wanted cake, and she yelled, “I want cake!”

There was never a moment of confusion about what she really meant to say or what she wanted.  Her agenda was transparent.

Somewhere along the line with social media, and especially on Twitter, we’ve lost that straightforward approach, which has caused us to be afraid to sell.

We are afraid to sell on Twitter.

We know it is important to grow relationships on social media and particularly on Twitter. We know engagement is important.  But we’ve started to convince ourselves that we have to hide our objectives and intentions behind fluffy content or nobody will follow or like us.

Look, every business sells a product or service.  Businesses have to sell in order to keep their doors open and in order for employees to get paid and provide for their families. It is how our world works.  Why do we hide that fact? Why do businesses hide that they have a product or service that they’d like to sell to you? The sure way of not making a sale is by not asking people to buy, or by hiding the fact that you even have a service or product for sale.

Stop being afraid to sell!  Be transparent and let your audience know that you have a product or service to sell and make it easy for your followers to know what that product or service is, what the features and benefits are, and how to buy.

Here is how I suggest you implement being direct in your intent to sell:

First, I am not suggesting you flood your content with sales or self-promoting tweets.

You do still have to have variety in your content and provide value to your followers.  The ratio to keep in mind is to have your sales or promotional tweets be anywhere from 15-35% of your over-all tweets.  If you are an online retailer and have a variety of products to sell, you probably will be in that 30-35% range. If you are a business services provider, you’ll probably want to be more in that 15-20% range.

Here is how to do it:

I suggest you tweet 20-25 times per day.

3 tweets can be sales or promotional tweets that focus on a feature.  Include the link to buy.

3 tweets can be sales or promotional tweets that focus on a benefit of your product or service, or who the product or service directly benefits. Again, include a link on where to buy.

Here is an example from my Twitter account.  I mention a benefit of working with me, (growing targeted Twitter followers), and I list how to inquire about more information (my email address). It is clear that it is a service I offer, so people know that I am selling something.  It is direct, but not over-the-top pushy.

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If you schedule 5-6 sales or promotional tweets per day, it will work out to 20-30% of your over-all twitter content. That is a great ratio.  Nobody will feel like you are jamming your product or service down their throats.

I am confident that if you take this approach, if you stop being afraid to sell and be a little more direct, and if you ask people to buy from you, they will buy and your sales will increase.

Now go on, channel your inner 5 year old Kaelyn, be direct, and send a sales or promotional tweet out!

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