Video is SUPER important in social media marketing these days, and we’ve been on the hunt for the BEST video marketing specialist to join our team.

It hasn’t been easy, but we finally found him in Chris Coleman of The StartUp Superhero. Chris is truly a unique individual who brings a lot of class and humor to his projects. He’s continually innovating – wakes up at 4am to meditate and get prepared for the day. He’s hyper focused, yet isn’t afraid to step outside the lines of convention and experiment.

In addition, Chris is intent upon changing the world in a positive way with his encouraging messages and has amassed an enormous online following on his social media networks.

We are THRILLED to welcome Chris to the team, and beyond excited to be able to offer our clients video marketing packages to complement the social media packages we have in place.


A bit more about Chris:

Chris stumbled upon digital storytelling aka video marketing by accident. In 2011, looking to build a brand and grow his network, Chris began to study and understand how YouTube works, what makes Vines go viral, how video is used on Instagram, and what stories people enjoy watching on Snapchat. Taking this knowledge he began doing it for himself and other brands.
His unique storytelling abilities and talents led him to BuzzFeed Video where he honed his skills even further helping to create and produced viral content. In his spare time, Chris enjoys reading (at least 1 book a month), writing (he’s currently working on his third book) and secretly training to become a EDM DJ.
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Check out some of his video projects:

We Are All Superheroes

Take The First Step

School’s Out: 101 Fun Activities For Your Child Book Trailer

And from Vine:
I Got That Bubbly Remake:

For more of Chris’s videos, Subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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