The great thing about Twitter Lists, unlike my list pictured above, is that you can’t spill coffee on them!  And yes, this is really a list I wrote out and then spilled coffee on.

I share a lot of Twitter tips with all of you.  I try to always stress the point that social media, and Twitter in particular, is not one-size-fits-all.

Every person and company will and should have a different strategy for Twitter. There are no absolute rules or do’s and don’ts.  With that said, there are a few tools or strategies that I feel most everyone should utilize.

One of those tools is Twitter Lists.

One of the greatest aspects of Twitter is that it makes it possible for you to quickly connect with a ton of people.  One challenge of connecting with a ton of people is that it is tough to stay up to date and engage with everyone.

Take me for example: I have 260,000 Followers. It would be impossible for me to stay current with all of their content, to view the tweets I most want to view, or to engage with targeted followers unless I had a way of organizing my followers.

Twitter has always known this can be an issue, and they have a built in solution for us: Twitter Lists.

Twitter lists make it possible for you to organize your Twitter Followers and stay current as well as engage with your targeted followers.  Here is how I suggest you organize your Twitter Lists:

Create Three Twitter Lists:

  • List 1: News and Information

    • This list is users that provide informational content that benefit you and that you may want to retweet to your followers. For me, this list includes Fox News, ESPN, Social Media Today, Forbes, and accounts such as that.
  • List 2: Targeted Followers

    • This list is of people that you don’t know, but that you have identified as people you want to develop relationships with. For me, this list includes prospective clients and top influencers in my areas of interest and expertise.
  • List 3: Friends

    • This list is comprised of the people you know and interact with the most. These are the people that will probably make up over 75% of your engagement on Twitter.

Start with these three lists.

Below, I have included the instructions on how to create and add people to these lists.  It’s simple.  If you create these three lists, make sure to add at least 10 people to each list, update the lists by adding people to the lists each month, monitor these lists and engage a few times per day with people on each of these lists, and you’ll be dominating Twitter in no time!

Alright now, go create your Twitter Lists. And, I expect a few of you to add me to one of your lists!



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