This blog post will be short. This post won’t have in-depth social media analytics or expert “how-to” tricks for you. However, this post may have the most important social media tip I will ever share with you: Take a social media vacation!

There is great irony in me telling you to take a social media vacation. I am online as much or more than anyone. Odds are, if I am awake, I am either actively checking or engaging on a social network, or I am a few minutes away from checking social networks.

I make a living off of social networks. I can’t afford to take much time away from social media. Though, taking time away from social media and from work is vital for me, and it is for you too. We all need to relax, decompress, and enjoy life.

And we need time to relax and decompress. You can’t relax if you are checking your social media networks 24/7. You’ll find that taking time away from social media will actually help boost your creativity and enrich your content creation.

We also need time to enjoy life. You can’t enjoy life fully and be in the moment if you are constantly consumed with the urge to document everything on social networks.

Always remember, social media is “social,” and the number one way to be social is and will always be in-person interactions. Don’t be so consumed with social media that you miss out on connecting with the real world and investing in quality time with people without the distraction of Facebook and Twitter.

I imagine that everyone reading this can relate to the need for a social media vacation. I doubt anyone disagrees. Though, how do we do it? How do we step away from social media?

Here is what I suggest:

  • Pick one day per-week that you designate as a social media free day. On that day, not only should you avoid posting on social networks, but also refrain from even checking them. The world will survive if you don’t click like on your BEA’s photos.
  • Pick one weekend per month to swear off social media for the weekend. I suggest on this weekend you also take a vacation from email, and limit any cell phone use. In fact, I highly encourage you to just keep your phone turned off for most of the weekend. Take a true vacation.

I know it is hard to step away from social media. It is for me. Two weeks ago, I took my first real social media vacation, for one day, in Daytona Beach. It was the best part of my vacation. I don’t have any photos from that day. I did not post about it. In fact, I did not share about it outside of enjoying it with the person I was with. I was in the moment. I found that the small vacation relaxed me. I decompressed and felt at peace. Then, when I jumped back on social media the next day, I found myself coming up with creative posts and ideas left and right. I needed that social media vacation. You need one too. We all need to make social media vacations part of our routine.

Now go take that social media vacation!

But first, comment on and share this blog post with all your social networks, please!

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