Brands are only beginning to catch on to Instagram’s new advertising service. It’s a tool that your brand should consider jumping on soon.

Instagram advertising allows brands to market to more than 400 million Instagram users. Furthermore, there have been major improvements to the Instagram ad platform over the past few months. Now, brands of any size can run advertising campaigns on Instagram in over 30 countries. And you should join them ASAP, here’s why.

Connect to Your Target Audience

Whether your brand is trying to reach people with interests in fashion, sports, cars or food, you can do it much more effectively by using technology that leverages Facebook’s advertising infrastructure. With Instagram ad tools, you can find people that are already interested in your product or service and give them the ability to purchase directly from Instagram.

They also offer a buying option, called Marquee, which is a new premium tool that helps create mass awareness and expand your reach within a short time frame. This is helpful to utilize for multiple things from movie premieres to product launches. If your brand frequently hosts or sponsors big events, this could be especially useful for you.

Old Dog, New Tricks

Instagram ads also offer some extra perks on some basic features. For example, individuals can only post 15-second videos on the service, but if you’re a marketer subscribed to Instagram ads, this feature allows you to post videos that are 30 seconds long. This gives you more time to educate potential customers by creating a dynamic and rich story to tell.

Another difference is that regular users cannot post links to outside content, but Instagram ads can include five different calls to action such as links to install new apps or to shop. That’s right, no more “Check out the link in our bio for more details!” This will help your brand to stand out and look much more professional and authentic than some of your competitors.

You’re Missing Out, Big Time

Wondering what the results have been for Instagram ads? The click-through rates are astounding. Users are 2.5 times more likely to click on Instagram ads than on any other social media platform. This proves that they are much more economical for your brand’s advertising budget.

For example, Gilt Groupe turned to Instagram advertising to win new customers and ran a campaign that drove an 85% boost in app installs. Designer furniture retailer’s ads yielded a 10% order value increase versus its benchmark. Unbelievable, right? All of the ad features really add up to make your marketing campaign much more effective, and our social media agency has no doubt that there will continue to be new additions over the next year.

People visit Instagram for visual inspiration, and with ads, your brand can touch, inspire and move more people. 97% of measured campaigns have generated significant growth in advertisement recall. Don’t waste any more time in adding this paid media tool to your social strategy and improve the effectiveness of your brand’s marketing efforts.

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