While it might be the most established channel, it’s no secret to marketers that email marketing is one of the most effective ways to acquire, engage and convert your customers. Year over year, email marketing continues to not only grow, but generate high ROI for marketers.

Email offers you a unique opportunity that many channels do not offer: the chance to connect directly with your consumer, in a place that they trust – their email inbox.

Because of this, one of the most fundamental strategies for growing companies is to build a quality email list.

While there are many ways to grow your email list, you can utilize your knowledge of Facebook ads to increase the size of your list.

Below are four ways to grow your email list with Facebook Ads.

1. Promote Your Email List Directly With a Unique Offer

The first, and most obvious way is to promote your email list directly. Target the people who are most likely to be interested in receiving updates from your company. If you have an existing email list, this may be a good time to create a lookalike audience for that list. Depending on your flexibility, you can use different types of discounts/promos/offers:

  • A discount on your first order
  • Special content that is only accessible through your newsletter/email
  • A contest that offers a unique reward

Jennifer Behr, gives us a perfect example of how you can promote your list with a unique offer only available to those who subscribe.


2. Promote Gated Content that Requires an Opt-In

Landing pages that include gated content are a great way to not only move people through your sales pipeline, but simultaneously build your email list. Cater simple, yet useful pieces of gated content to your core audience and then promote them via boosts, or ad campaigns directly to those people who will find the most use from them. Some examples include:

  • Checklists
  • Buyer’s Guides
  • Whitepapers
  • Infographics
  • Webinar recordings

Bicycling magazine is promoting its 2016 Buyer’s Guide just in time for the winter, with this simple Facebook post:


3. Promote a Blog That Includes a CTA to Subscribe To Your List

A Call To Action (CTA) can be a great way to drive your consumer to your desired next step. By inserting CTAs to join your email list, you can grow your list in a more subtle fashion. Place CTAs on the sidebar of your blog, and within the content so the reader has multiple choices throughout the blog to join your list.

Depending on the blog post you are choosing to insert your email list CTA into, you can promote them via Facebook Ads in different ways.

  • Boost the post to a broad, yet targeted audience
  • Run retargeting campaigns to readers who have already engaged with content on your website
  • Promote your blogs to a lookalike of your existing email list

Hubspot makes choosing which email list you would like to subscribe to as simple as clicking one (or three) checkboxes.


4. Add a Pop-up to The Page That You Are Promoting

Finally, the most in-your-face option, would be to add a pop-up to the blog or landing page that you are promoting via Facebook ads. This can be handled by various software options in different ways:

  • A timed pop-up: This is triggered after a visitor has been on your page for a certain amount of time.
  • A click pop-up: Click pop-ups are triggered when a visitor has clicked on a specific image, link or word within your blog or landing page.
  • A scroll pop-up: A scroll pop-up will target the visitors who are the most engaged with your content by only triggering once a visitor has scrolled through a certain percentage of your landing page or article.
  • An entry or exit pop-up: These pop-ups are slightly different, but similar in appearance. An entry pop-up will appear as soon as a visitor lands on your blog or landing page. Similarly, an exit pop-up will appear as soon as a visitor makes an ‘intent’ to exit your blog or landing page. Exit pop-ups use mouse tracking software to determine when a visitor is going to click the back or exit button from your content.

Neil Patel uses many versions of the pop-up on his websites, but the below example is the exit pop-up that is triggered when you move your mouse to exit his website.


In Conclusion

No matter what type of promotion you choose, it is fundamental to your business that you grow your email list.

Once you’ve created and engaged an active email list, it’s time to start putting that list to work for you, building trust and ultimately converting your readers into loyal customers.

Now it’s your turn: What has worked for you in the past to grow your email list?

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