Earlier this year, Facebook released Automated Rules, allowing advertisers to automatically update or notify of changes within your Facebook Ad Campaigns. When setup properly, these automated rules can let Facebook Ads managers be more efficient in monitoring multiple campaigns.

Anything that can save you time and effort is great, right?

Let’s examine a handful of simple rules you can create to make your life easier.

Frequency Rule:
Much has been said about the optimal frequency for an ad to be displayed. From managing numerous clients campaigns, we’ve found that each industry is different.

However, what is not debated is that as ad frequency increases, CTR decreases, and CPC increases.

(Image by AdEspresso)
From the graph by AdEspresso, we can see CTR steadily drops between one and five ads, then drops more sharply before evening out. This, of course, depends on the size of your audience, daily budget and length of campaign but we commonly suggest keeping ad frequency between three and four.

In this case, the Frequency Alert we want to set up is to send the notification when our Frequency hits three, as shown below.

When this alert fires, we we can then examine and adjust the campaign – either editing the targeting or simply turning the ads off depending on the success of the campaign.

Cost Per Result Rule:
Each business should know how much they can pay for a certain action on Facebook, whether it’s a purchase, link click or custom conversion.

These metrics depend on you overall CAC and marketing budget, but once you have established this number, you can begin to put in rules for each of your campaigns, and then monitor accordingly.

For this example, let’s say we are running a new webinar and we are willing to pay $5.00 for a webinar registration. For our webinar campaign we would set up an rule to notify us when we cross this threshold.

In the case of Cost Per Results Rules, it is recommended that you give your ads enough time to stabilize. As we know, new ad campaigns can fluctuate in results early in their lifetime, but eventually even out. In this case, Facebook will automatically add a “Lifetime Impressions is Greater than 8000” condition to your rule.

When this alert is received, you now have the opportunity to adjust your campaign creative to maximise the success of your campaigns.

Lifetime Spent Rule:
For those marketers using a daily marketing spend, while trying to juggle the total spend on your ad campaigns, this one is a must!

The concept is simple – turn your campaigns off when they reach the maximum amount of dollars you are willing to spend on your campaign.

This ensures your budget is maintained for each of your campaigns, while racing to the finish line! This might seem redundant with other options available to you when you build out your ads, but the last thing we want to do is over extend our budgets – having these rules set up will safeguard you from any surprises on your budget sheet!

In Conclusion
These three, simple, campaign rules can be set up within minutes for your campaigns and can save you time, energy and a lot of ‘campaign anxiety’ – allowing you to focus more on growing your campaigns, fine tuning your the targeting to your audiences and A/B testing more creative.

What Facebook Automated Rules can’t you live without? Share in the comments below!

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