Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, live streaming has made it’s way into your news, conversations or social media platforms.

It’s the newest way to share knowledge, educate, and develop relationships among marketers and business owners alike because it generates the environment that only a face-to-face could garner. It’s real, authentic, and sometimes a bit eery because you feel like you’re sitting right in front of whoever you’re watching.

But a lot of people are still nervous about how to jump into the live streaming whirlpool, and it’s preventing them from passing along their knowledge.

One of the biggest concerns is a lack of technological know-how – which tools and apps streamers should utilize for optimal streaming. Currently, the major players are Periscope and Meerkat. Google Hangouts has been around for some time, Blab recently jumped on the scene, and I guarantee more will come to fruition over the coming months.

These social networks are unique in that they require a different set of tools to maximize screen space and perfect audio hearing.

So what do we need to fill our toolbox with?

I went straight to the experts and asked what they recommend for newbies wanting to get tech savvy with the live streaming genre. And if you aren’t already following them – make sure you do!

Dave Shrein
Dave_ShreinDave’s main mission in life is helping other business owners equip themselves for success, and he’s found the perfect avenue to teach with Periscope. He regularly scopes on all things related to being an entrepreneur, social media, and conducts excellent interviews with experts in different fields.

“When doing an interview on Periscope, I use a Targus 42 tripod with an iPhone mount holder and Google Hangouts.

Interviews on Periscope are awesome for connecting with new audiences, generating a lot of engagement in a short period of time, and getting specific questions answered by knowledgeable experts.

You’ll see all sorts of setups for conducting interviews… people using TVs, trying to squeeze themselves in the frame along with the person on the computer’s screen and everything in-between. I’ve found what works best for me is Google Hangouts On Air and here’s why: with Google Hangouts On Air, I can place my smart device on a tripod, position it in front of the screen and whoever is talking, and Google will switch back and forth automatically. So you see everyone who’s chatting, including yourself, nice and big, filling up the screen. This works best with desktops or external monitors.”

Sunny Lenarduzzi
Sunny_LenarduzziSunny is the YouTube beauty set on helping folks monetize their message. She’s vibrant, insightful, and always knowledgable. Her main social network is YouTube, yet she has begun taking live streaming by force and can be found on Periscope.

“Audio is of the utmost importance when it comes to any video production! You want to ensure your viewers can hear you clearly and aren’t distracted by background noise or outdoor elements like wind. The smartlav mic provides clear quality and it’s extremely easy to use.

Another key element of quality video/live stream production is stability. Again, you want to ensure your viewers are focused on your content, not the shaky camera quality. That’s why I can’t live without my trusty selfie stick!”

For more tips from Sunny, check out this video:

Brian Fanzo
Brian_FanzoBrian, aka, iSocialFanz, is one of the leading experts in live streaming. He’s worked with numerous brands, like Applebee’s, is constantly featured at social media conferences, and live streams almost every day. He shares industry news, opens incredible discussions among other professionals in the social media industry, and walks the walk with his #ShowUCare mantra.

Brian’s Gearbox includes: iPhone6+ & iPadMini, Joby – Tripod, Jellyfish Tripod clip, OlloClip Fish Eyes Lens, Rode Lav+ microphone

“I use Canva to create graphics for my live streaming events, and promote my live streaming on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. I live stream on Meerkat & Periscope mostly, and have used MyEye & Nomadcast for unique use cases.

The tool and app I couldn’t live without is Evernote. I take all my brainstorming and notes and strategy planning for social, business, life and live streaming on that app, and reference and leverage it almost every hour of the day!”

Vincenzo Landino
Vincenzo_LandinoVincenzo also known as “Vinkat” to his Meerkat audience is a brand correspondent and pro live streamer who recently launched a free live streaming course designed to help new streamers get comfortable being live and sharing their knowledge.

“I absolutely can’t live without my Ollo Clip and Rode Lav+ mic. Helps me get better wide angle with the front and rear-facing camera on the iPhone 6 Plus and the Lav+ gives me great audio, even in windy situations.”

Eva Ponce
eva_ponceThe health lifestyle extraordinaire and wellness DEva is focused on helping you improve your lifestyle through healthy living. She’s upbeat, informative, and very connected with her Periscope audience. And she’s in love with her tripod mount!

“My fav tool for scoping has to be the Jelly Fish Tripod mount for my mini iPad. It allows me to have my hands free and avoid hand cramps from holding it..lol A total game changer for periscope. Love it!”

The other tools Eva recommends are:

  1. The Rode Mic
  2. Tripod
  3. Jelly Fish Tripod Mount for 7″ Tablets (Mini iPad)
  4. Goose neck Floor stand for your iPad
  5. Tabletop tripod for your smart phone

In addition, she recommends you check out Periscope Ryan who’s had a real impact on her Periscope’ing!

Your turn!! What tools are we missing for our live streaming box?? Comment below!