Is your email list growing at the rate you’d like it to?

If not, it may be due to your lead magnet (or your lack of one).

A lead magnet is basically a “bribe” that offers something your reader wants in exchange for their email address.

And no – offering a “weekly newsletter” does not count as a lead magnet.

By changing or creating a better lead magnet, you can get a big influx of subscribers quickly, as well as earn many more subscribers over time.

Here are 5 lead magnet ideas to help you rapidly grow your email list

  1. Cheat Sheet
    Remember how awesome cheat sheets were back when you studied for tests in school? Well, we all still love cheat sheets. They’re easily digestible – with a cheat sheet, you know exactly what you’re going to get, and you know you can go through it quickly, because it’s just a cheat sheet.

This also makes it easier to create for you – and it’s a great way to grow your list.

But what kind of content can you put into a cheat sheet?

Ideally, something that helps your prospects solve one of their big problems.

Here are some examples:
The Headline Cheat Sheet – 35 headlines to captivate readers
The Webinar Cheat Sheet – 10 quick tips to make your webinar a success
The Drop Shipping Cheat Sheet – 7 tips for creating your first successful drop shipping store
Whatever the content, try to keep it short – otherwise it won’t be a cheat sheet!

  1. A Recorded Webinar
    Have you ever hosted a webinar for your business? Webinars are usually packed with valuable content, and they also provide a great way for new prospects to get to know you better.

If you have a recorded webinar on hand, consider using it for your lead magnet. Create a landing page with some bullet-point benefits that people will get from the webinar.

  1. A Checklist
    A checklist is similar to a cheat sheet in that it’s easily digestible, and usually on the shorter side. It’s perfect if your prospects are looking for an easier way to complete a certain process that relates to your business.

It also paints you as the expert who they can look to for guidance.

Here are some examples of good potential checklist lead magnets:
The Blog Checklist – 15 steps to a viral blog post
The Landing Page Checklist – 10 steps to a high converting landing page
The Guest Post Checklist – 7 steps to landing your next guest post

  1. A Simple How-To Ebook
    A how-to ebook is another great way to outline a process. It’s a bit more in-depth than the checklist or the cheat sheet.

Here, you take them by the hand and explain how to do something (i.e. some type of process that relates to your business).

Once again, this positions you as the expert and also helps you to earn your prospects’ trust. You’re taking the time to create a free resource that adds value to their lives.

  1. A Toolkit
    What tools can make your prospects’ lives easier?

The toolkit is simply a list of tools that your prospects can use to solve their problems/accomplish something.

Simply, it’s a PDF with links (and maybe pictures) to specific tools with explanations of how they can help your prospect.

Some good toolkit examples could be:
The 5 dirt cheap tools I use to create high quality videos
The 7 tools I use to get on (and stay on) the first page of Google
5 simple tools to create an high converting email marketing machine
Lead magnets are important for gaining new subscribers and growing your business. You can use these lead magnet ideas to quickly get more opt-ins.

Do you want us to create a high converting lead magnet for your business? Send us an email and let us know!