Great question. Social media is an incredible industry! It changes daily and demands a lot of time to master. It requires a knowledge of multiple social cultures, the ability to communicate on varied platforms and a combination of written/design/marketing skills.

But if you are like most business owners, you are already wearing too many “hats.”

That’s where we come in. ARCH Digital Agency helps people like you ignore the pressure to learn (and execute) social media marketing, so that you can stay focused on the areas where you’re needed most.

NINE ways we handle your social media marketing:

  • Create a personalized social media marketing strategy designed to execute your business’s goals
  • Develop, maintain, and grow social media communities on multiple social platforms
  • Research, write, and package valuable and relevant content for your audience
  • Inspire your online audience to trust and look forward to hearing from your brand
  • Foster real relationships with your fans and followers and consistently give them personalized attention
  • Execute powerful email marketing campaigns to gain your business loyal fans and buyers
  • Design fun and exciting contests, promotions, and interactions to engage your target audience
  • Monitor your online reputation and make sure any negative feedback becomes a positive experience
  • Optimize your online social profiles to maximize your professional online appearance and solidify its accountability

…and that’s just a start.

ARCH Digital Agency is comprised of Specialists who are known for their specialties and can easily be researched online. We all have proven work histories with social media and are a part of healthy and influential communities. This gives businesses the unique opportunity to know exactly who will be working on their accounts and handling the thing that’s most important to your business – it’s integrity. Something we take very seriously.

At ARCH, we are dedicated to delivering results, providing excellent customer service, and going beyond the typical agency fanfare by creating real relationships with our clients.

All of our clients have come through referrals, and we aim to keep it that way.

Read below to find out who the ARCH Specialists are and what kind of people will be working for you!


Adam May: Facebook Ads Specialist

Adam has been helping businesses tell their stories for the last decade. With a background as a graphic designer, Adam feels right at home in the visual world of social media, which he has been helping brands navigate for the past 7 years. This includes a long history of helping brands in the hospitality, retail, family services and real estate industries promote their business with Facebook Ads.

Adam has worked with all media outlets big and small, ranging from local college periodicals through the Travel Channel and everything in between – giving him the experience and professionalism to move the needle for your business. In his “off hours” he enjoys playing volleyball, looking for treasure at antique shops and searching for his future cabin on a lake.

KP Kelly: Twitter Specialist

marketing experience, and has spent the past five years focused on social media marketing, managing the social networking brands from Fortune 500 companies to solo-prenuers.

His specialty is Twitter. He has taken brands from 0 to over 100,000 Twitter followers while increasing their revenue and growing their brand and market share. In his spare time, he enjoys being involved in non profits and his local community, running marathons, and he is well known for his love of coffee and pizza.

KP Kelly: Twitter Specialist

Passionate, conversational copy fuels your sales funnel. That’s where Dave can help you. Humorous, serious, or somewhere in between—he gauges each piece of content and figures out the best way to convey a compelling message that makes your prospects want to BUY.

He’s an experienced copywriter who specializes in creating sales funnels with high-converting copy, blogging, content creation, high-quality landing pages, and email campaigns. In his free time, he’s writing a book to help guys understand how to pick up women, currently resides in Vietnam, is an undercover rap artist, and can’t get enough of bacon.

Ahna Hendrix: CEO & Lead Social Media Specialist

My specialty is organic growth across all networks. I specialize in content creation, design, relationship development and community growth.

Since I was a young girl, my family owned businesses – from real estate to restaurants to nutritional consulting. I grew up in my parent’s businesses, saw what it takes to succeed, and developed a deep love and appreciation for what I consider “the cornerstones of every economy.” I love small businesses!

And I love the entrepreneurial mind.

So it wasn’t a surprise when the day came for me to strike out on my own and begin catering to like-minded people who work everyday to make their dreams a reality through the growth of their businesses.

I fell in love with social media in 2009 and haven’t looked back. It’s never boring, and challenges me everyday. But seeing results and helping my clients succeed is the best!

Laura Glantz:Photography & Design Specialist

As an artist, photographer, musician and adventurer, I love living life to the fullest and creating art as I go. My passions include photography, design, animals, aircraft, ocean waves, nature and music.

I am an award winning designer with experience in many aspects of design that goes beyond typical graphic design.  From logos, business cards, apparel graphics, illustration, vehicle graphics, sign design and construction to digital and social media, I have learned all are intertwined to having a successful brand.

I look forward to my next opportunity that will expand upon what I have already learned. Being a designer, there are so many opportunities to experience and utilize all areas of graphic design.  From fonts to logos, print to signs and print to web, the design world is vast and ever changing.  I aim to continue and learn of every graphic design aspect as it applies and keep my passion alive for the art of creating exciting eye-catching designs.

Mia Stein:

Mia Stein is a Graduate of The Marin School of Environmental Leadership from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Her experience in the program influenced her creative development, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration skills. She has begun professional development throughout multiple internships. During one of her internships, she developed media based submissions for a $10 million grant from Super Schools. She has worked on numerous community outreach projects pertaining to environmental activism and awareness and has been recognized for critical thinking strategies.

In her free time, she enjoys any adventure filled endeavour, taking pictures, and eating burritos.