With the right social media ads, you can see a big boost to sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But you shouldn’t just be using social media ads to tout your awesome deals.

Email marketing is arguably even more powerful. With the right emails, you can drive tons of new revenue over the holiday shopping weekend.

But what type of emails should you send? How can you convert as many of your subscribers into customers and/or repeat customers?

That’s exactly what we’ll cover today. The beauty of it is you can apply this information immediately and create a high-converting Black Friday/Cyber Monday email sequence for this weekend!

Here are 3 high-converting emails you can send during Black Friday/Cyber Monday…

  1. The Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Discount Email
    What you’ll discover about each of these Black Friday/Cyber Monday emails is that they are pretty simple. That’s the beauty of it – they don’t need to be complicated.

And this email is perhaps the simplest one of all.

You start by wishing people a “Happy Holidays”. Then, you announce the special deal and/or provide a discount coupon in the email.

Make sure to stress that the discount is only for a limited-time, and let them know exactly when it will end. This is important, because it creates scarcity and a sense of urgency. They know they need to take advantage of the deal before it runs out.

Finish the email with a strong call to action to get people to shop now.

  1. The “Gift Guide” Email
    We introduced the idea of a “gift guide” in last week’s email about social media ads. To recap, with the “gift guide” you basically help people answer the question, “What should I get for him/her?”

The subject could be, The Official [Your Company Name] Gift Guide! Or, if you have one specific category of products, the subject could be, “Every X person will LOVE Y like these”, where “X” describes your target customer and “Y” describes your product.

For example, “Every football fan will LOVE tees like these…”

Then, in the email, explain the idea of the gift guide (i.e. helping people figure out what to buy for friends and family). Follow it up with a short description of the product(s) in the gift guide, along with a call to action to shop now and get the discount.

  1. The “Treat Yourself” Email
    Here’s one you should send out a day or two after your discounts expire.

Your audience has done all this gift shopping for friends and family over the holiday weekend, and that’s great! But it’s time for them to get something special for themselves.

Explain that at the start of the email. Then let your audience know that your offering one more special limited-time “treat yourself” discount. Let them know this is the absolute last day to get the deal, and they need to act now.

Don’t let your Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts go to waste. Use the power of email to give your audience massive value and convert them into customers. With these 3 emails, you can’t go wrong!

What other emails have you tried over the holiday weekend discount period? Let us know in the comments below!