You ever feel like you’ve said everything you need to say about a topic?

“I’m empty, this is it,” you might think…

But the truth is, you probably haven’t even scratched the surface.

You see, I run the content side of a few different businesses – and I have to come up with 7-1o blog topics each month for each business. I thought I’d run out of topics months ago…

But here I am now, still throwing out topic after topic. Just when I feel like I hit a “wall”, I switch my perspective up a little bit and load up with new, fresh ideas.

And you can do the same – and put your content marketing on virtual steroids.


When you feel like you’re fresh out of ideas, try doing these 10 things to get a “never-ending” stream of blog topics.

  1. Discuss the problems that your product or service solves
    Your customers like you because your product or service helps solve a problem (or problems) of theirs.

So, what better way to connect and add value to your customers than to help them with those problems through your content?

For example, if you have a webinar software company, you help make it easy for people to host webinars. You could write about how to make money from webinars, how to get more registrants, how to plan the webinar, etc.

  1. Address misconceptions around your main topic
    Every topic has myths and misconceptions. A lot of times, these misconceptions prevent your prospects from even trying to find a solution to their problem. They think it can’t be done, or it’s not worth it.

“XX is too expensive, I can’t afford it.”

“XX requires these skills, and they are too hard to develop…”

When you take the time to “debunk” these misconceptions, you offer prospects a fresh outlook. “Maybe this can be done,” they think. And they are that much more likely to give your product or service a try.

  1. Help readers improve on the skills relating to your topic
    Let’s say you offer a product that helps people write best-selling books in Kindle. There’s a lot of skills that go into that – writing, coming up with book ideas, storytelling, book outlining, formatting, marketing, book cover design, etc.

And that presents a great opportunity for you – you can use your content to help prospects improve on all of those skills.

Make a list of all the skills required to succeed at your topic, and see if you can think of some indirect skills that also might pertain. For example, if you have a webinar platform, one skill would be public speaking.

  1. Be vulnerable
    Sometimes you have to lay it all out on the line. Be open about your journey to success relating to your topic. Talk about your fears, your challenges, and your low points, and how you overcame it all.

Wrap your readers in with a great story of how you got to where you are now. This can be very relatable and build serious trust with your audience.

A great example of this is pretty much any post on James Altucher’s blog. That guy is an open book, and his vulnerability has been rewarded with a number of best-selling books and a huge, dedicated following.

  1. Tell a Story
    Have customers had a lot of success with your products or services? Tell their story! But you don’t need any crazy or inspirational “plot” for a good story. You can even tell the story of your day, and relate it with a strong takeaway that your audience can vibe with.

For example, if you own a health supplement company, you can tell the story of you and your friend debating whether or not coffee is healthy – and have the takeaway be your “take” on coffee consumption.

  1. Deconstruct fears
    Just as there are misconceptions around your product/service/topic, there are also fears. And like the misconceptions, these fears can also prevent people from ever giving your product or service a try.

Make a list of the common “fears” surrounding your topic, and see if you can deconstruct each of them. That could make for a series of powerful blog posts – and even some more eager prospects.

  1. Promote a product or service
    Yes, you can even promote your product or service. You can talk about new updates and deals, new features, etc. These are okay to do every month or two, but don’t blast out blog promotions every week.
  2. Keyword research
    What are people saying about your topic on sites like Quora and Reddit? These communities provide tons of opportunities to learn about your prospects. They’ll talk about current challenges, fears, desires, etc. Look at the most talked about questions/threads and create blog topics out of them. It’s already clear that people are interested in the topic.
  3. Read books related to your main topic
    Every time I read a book, I feel like I get 4-5 awesome content topics. If you read a 2-4 books a month, you’re guaranteed to fill your mind with some awesome new topics and perspectives. Reading will make you a more interesting person, and it will make your content a lot more interesting too.
  4. The 10 Ideas Rule
    James Altucher isn’t just great for vulnerability – he’s also great for coming up with ideas. He has the “10 idea rule”. Basically, you write 10 ideas down every day. They could be ideas for blog content or for new business ventures – the important thing is that you’re forcing yourself to come up with new ideas, and in doing so, flexing your “idea muscle”.

Whether you’re feeling “stuck” for ideas or not, this is a great exercise to add into your daily routine.

You don’t need to run out of blog topics – there’s a never-ending stream of things to write about. So, next time you’re feeling “out of ideas”, try these exercises and you’ll have an awesome list of blog ideas in no time.

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