Do you want to get your Snapchat channel in front of more eyes?

How about your product or service?

If so, partnering with influencers on Snapchat can be the best way to do it.

This allows you to tap into their audience, spread your message, and get more exposure. It can be a game changer for your business.

What’s more, it can help you build a more engaging community on Snapchat.

That being said, it’s easier said than done to partner with influencers. It’s really a three step process, and for your influencer partnerships to be effective, you need to nail all three steps.

Here are the steps:
1) Find and reach out to the right influencers in your industry

2) Create awesome content

3) Maximize the ROI

We’ll go over each of these steps in-depth in this post. Let’s get started!

Step #1: Find and Reach Out to the Right Influencers in Your Industry
Find Influencers in Your Industry
Before you can partner with influencers, you need to find them!

There are two ways you can do this, and we’ll cover each one.

1) Ghostcodes
Ghostcodes is an app that lets you discover other Snapchat accounts based on certain categories, like entertainment, business, fitness, health, etc. Through this website, you can find some of the most influential people in your industry.

For example, let’s say you have a cosmetics company.

You could go to Ghostcodes, then go to the “Beauty” category. From there, you’ll see a whole list of popular Snappers.

You can click on individual Snappers to see their interests, as well as their other social media accounts.

From there, you can pick a few Snappers who are most relevant to your product, and have the most potential reach.

2) Social Media Research
Here, you identify some interest categories for your brand. If you have a cosmetics company, perhaps those interests are beauty, comedy, fashion, etc.

From there, you do some research on popular Instagrammers, YouTubers, Twitter users, and bloggers, and try to find the most relevant of those influencers on Snapchat.

Note: You can also pick influencers from our list of 20 brands and entrepreneurs you should follow on Snapchat.

Approach Influencers the Right Way
Once you find the influencers, you need to approach them the right way if you want any chance at a partnership!

How can you do that?

1) Find their preferred way of communication through other social media accounts.
Influencers will usually have an email or contact method listed on their Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube accounts. Find that method, and use it to contact them.

2) Be respectful and add value.
Here, you must give them a compelling reason to collaborate with you. This can be monetary or something else – but the benefit is key. When you show what’s in it for them, they’re much more likely to respond and agree to a partnership. Your offer will also stand out amongst the other brands that are trying to win partnerships with them.

Step #2: Co-Create Awesome Content
So, you’ve found an influencer in your industry and they’ve agreed to a partnership with you. What next?

You need to create some awesome content. Here are some content ideas you can use…

Influencer Takeovers
In 2015, Red Bull partnered with snowboarder and X Games champion Mark McMorris. They gave him control of their Snapchat, and Mark showed them the behind-the-scenes of his extreme sports lifestyle.

In doing so, they build a deeper connection with their fanbase on Snapchat, and also won over some followers from Mark’s Snapchat fanbase.

Exclusive Events
Earlier this year, tons of brands leveraged the music festival Coachella to partner with influencers on Snapchat.

Tmobile collaborated with viral video star Piques, DJ Zedd (and others) to promote their new service called Music Freedom. These influencers Snapped behind-the-scenes footage of their experience at the festival, while promoting Tmobile’s “#MusicFreedom” hashtag.

Revolve collaborated with Negin Mirsalehi to model some of the brand’s trendy “Coachella” looks on their Snapchat channel.

You can also leverage your own exclusive events. For example, Adidas had Pharrell Williams do a Snapchat takeover of his coverage of an Adidas launch event. The Snap story ended up with 3.4 million views in just 24 hours!

Show and Tell
Here, you have the influencer actually use your product.

For example, Covergirl partnered with model Ingrid Nelson on Snapchat, and she gave her followers mini-tutorials on how to use the Covergirl products.

But you don’t have to be a huge brand to partner with influencers.

The Grafton Hotel partnered with an influencer, who documented her experiences at the hotel throughout the day. The results were 430 new Snapchat followers, 3,584 story views and 12 screenshots or engagements.

And Shiseido, a cosmetics company, partnered with Jen Chae, who gave her followers an inside look at her morning routine made complete by the latest products from Shiseido.

Think for a second, which of these strategies seem most relevant for your business? Which do you think would work the best?

Step #3: Maximize the ROI
It’s not enough to just partner with an influencer on Snapchat. You also need to get a return on the investment. In order to do that, you need a call-to-action for your influencer campaign.

The Right Calls to Action
So, which calls to action should you weave into your influencer campaigns? Here are a few good options:

Add your brand on Snapchat
Direct them to your website
Direct them to purchase a product
Have them sign up for an event
You may want to write out the short calls to action on your Notes app, and send it to the influencer to copy and paste into their Snaps. However, the calls to action can be verbal too. If the viewers are engaged with the story, they’re likely to take action either way!

By partnering with influencers, you can get the most out of Snapchat for your business.

To partner with influencers and get the most bang for your buck, follow the three steps we outline here:

1) Find and reach out to the right influencers in your industry

2) Create awesome content

3) Maximize the ROI

If you follow this strategy, there will be no limits to your potential on Snapchat!

Have you partnered with any influencers on Snapchat? If so, how did you do it, and were you happy with the results? Let us know in the comments below!