The following case study outlines work we completed for our client over a six month period. ARCH Digital Agency works hand in hand with our clients to develop a unique strategy that is tailored to the specific goals of each client.

The Client:
Andrew Martin creates hand crafted leather belts made from the most exotic skins in the world. They pride themselves on using only the finest leathers, combining it with unique hardware in order to manufacture exceptional belts sure to please a clientele with the highest standards. Decades of experience in crafting handmade belts, translates into a truly one of a kind product.

Andrew Martin originated in the realization that consumers lacked an online one-stop shopping option for exotic leather belts. To fill this void in the market, they acquired the widest selection of exotic leather and colors in the United States.

The Challenge:
The Andrew Martin brand was a new concept, having approached ARCH to help define their audience, voice, and ultimately grow the brand. AM had experimented with Google Adwords to help grow sales, but was lacking an overall strategy that would not only increase sales online, but increase brand awareness.

After meeting with Andrew Martin we identified the following objectives:

Refine target audience – determine audience most likely to purchase
Increase traffic to online store
Drive sales, order volume and revenue of the online store
Increase brand awareness and grow the Andrew Martin brand
ARCH worked directly with Andrew Martin to develop a strategy specific to the client’s needs and challenges. ARCH and Andrew Martin identified Facebook and Facebook Ads as the platform of choice for addressing their objectives.

The Solution:
Over a six month period, ARCH created a holistic Facebook presence for Andrew Martin and used Facebook Ads as the main source of identifying new customers and driving sales through the online store.

These highly targeted ads would help refine the target audience for Andrew Martin and determine interests and behaviors which are common among Andrew Martin’s consumers. The interests and behaviors discovered would allow ARCH to create engaging content on a daily basis for Andrew Martin and develop a highly engaged Facebook audience.

Through a series of exploration ads ARCH tested demographics, interests, behaviors, and Facebook ad formats. Here’s what we learned.

Demographics & Placement:Older Demographics Converted and Interacted More
Customers in the 45-65+ Age were 60% more likely to click and engage with ads
Customers in the 65+ age group were 200% more likely to convert to sales
Ads delivered on Mobile had .94% higher CTR than ads delivered on desktop
Ads delivered in Single Image format had .2% higher CTR than ads delivered in Carousel Format
Single image ads had a higher CTR than Carousel Ads.
Single image ads had a higher CTR than Carousel Ads.
Interests & Behaviors:
Fathers were 38.1% more likely to be interested in a belt
Men with online shopping behaviors displayed a 26.23% less chance of clicking on an ad
Men with interests in other high end luxury brands were 14.35% more likely to click
Specific Breakdown of Luxury Items:
High end Sunglasses – 50% higher
Designer Hats – 19.7% higher
Competitors Belt Brands – 19.3% higher
Designer Shoes – 15.43% higher
Through the use of Facebook’s targeting metrics, ARCH was able to dial in on exactly who Andrew Martin’s online consumer is, and what their customers engage with online. After a successful 3 months with Facebook Ads, Andrew Martin ended their advertising on Google Adwords and focused solely on Facebook Marketing and Facebook Ads as a way attract customers to their online store.

The Results:
The three main areas of success we tracked for our client are increased Site Traffic, Total Sales, and ROI on Facebook Ad Spend:

Results Breakdown – ARCH started with Andrew Martin in March of 2016

Site Traffic:
February visitors: 596
August visitors: 2,639
342.7% increase
Total Sales:
Average Sales 2 Months Prior to ARCH: $2700.65
Sales in August: $7052.44
Increase: 161%
ROI on FB Ad Spend:
Sales in August: $7052.44
Facebook Ad Spend: $1579.55
346% ROI in August
ARCH Digital Agency was able to produce immediate results at a 346% ROI with Facebook Ads. Through success with Facebook Ads, our client was able to eliminate their spend on display and search ads, which allowed them to focus solely on Facebook as a way to drive traffic and increase sales to their online store.

With the use of a comprehensive Facebook Marketing & Ads Strategy, Andrew Martin surpassed their sales goals and continues to grow their brand and sales online through partnership with ARCH. Andrew Martin now better understands the base of their customers and what types of content, interests and behaviors unite them.

If you’re interested in learning about how ARCH can produce similar results for your brand, contact us today for more information!