It’s your worst nightmare…

You spend months creating a great product – perhaps an online course or just an awesome service…

…Then when you go to launch it, you hear crickets. Almost nobody buys.

And so, you do all of that work for nothing.

Sounds terrible, right?

Well, you can prevent this type of situation with a great product launch formula.

Now, there are plenty of product launch strategies out there – webinars, video launches, email launches, etc. But today, I want to talk to you about one of my favorite launch strategies.

And actually, it’s a strategy I just used myself, and will be launching my product with it within the next week or two.

You may have heard of this type of strategy before – there have been many variations of it. But today I’ll give you my own version of it.

It’s a 3-video launch, with a sales page after the third video. I’ll outline each step for you so you can recreate it yourself.

(And if you’re not technically inclined, I suggest using Clickfunnels to set up this funnel. I learned the software in a couple of day and I love it. They even have templates to create the exact launch strategy I’ll discuss.)

Let’s get into it!

Step 1: The Opt-in Form
This is the beginning of your product launch funnel.

Your optin page should include:

A headline that fits your value proposition (i.e. the theme of the video series)
A big “Get Access Now” opt-in button
A background that fits the theme of the video series
When you launch your product to your email list, this is the page you’ll send them to get them started with the funnel.

Step 2: Pre-launch video 1 (Day 1)
This is the video where you’ll be doing the most teaching. You’ll send it right after they opt-in.

Here, you’ll spend 5-10 minutes teaching something specific that helps your audience overcome some challenge or problem they face.

Here’s the structure to follow:

Hook them in with a good intro (1-2 minutes)
Tell a little bit of your “hero story” (2-3 minutes)
Teach them (5-10 minutes)
Wrap it up and give them a reason to watch the second video (1-2 minutes)
Ask for comments underneath the video (pose a question for them to answer. This helps get them engaged.)
This video helps you earn your viewers trust (because you’re teaching them something valuable for free), helps them get to know you and relate to you, and also gets them intrigued to watch the second video.

Step 3: Pre-launch video 2 (Day 2)
You’ll send this video the day after video 1.

The structure is very similar to video 1, as you’ll also be teaching something to your audience.

Here’s the structure:

Thank them for the comments in video 1
Quickly recap your hero story
Teach them (this time, the lesson should open the door for you to pitch your product in the final video. Your product will be like the “missing piece” they need to take action on everything you’ve taught them.)
Wrap it up and give an open loop for video 3
Ask for comments underneath the video
Step 4: Pre-launch video 3
You’ll send this video the day after video 2.

In this one, you’ll reveal your product/course, and position it as the “missing piece” to everything they’ve learned so far.

Here’s the structure:

Thank them for all their awesome comments so far
Quickly recap your hero story one more time
Reveal your product/course
Explain the benefits
Talk about the money-back guarantee
Include testimonials (if applicable)
Future pace (talk about how they’re life will look in a few months after they use your product/go through your program)
Give them a call to action to click on the button below to register for the course/buy the product (this will lead them to the sales page)
Stress that either the registration or the price point will only be available for a limited time (this adds scarcity which is important to get people to take action and buy now)
Step 5: Sales page
Your sales page is where it all comes together.

It doesn’t have to be as long-form as a typical sales page, because at this point your viewers will already have a sense of who you are and what you’re course/product can do for them.

But here are some things you should include:

Great headline
A powerful “hook” that makes them want to keep reading
Quick recap of your hero story
A timer to add scarcity
Compelling bullet points that outline the benefits
A “Buy now” button (you should have at least 3-4 of these spread throughout the sales page)
Explain your money-back guarantee
A strong call-to-action to buy
Over the years, I’ve learned that the quality of your product is important, but what’s perhaps even more important is the strategy you use to market and launch it. Plenty of great products and courses go to the wasteside because of a lackluster launch strategy.

Do your research and figure out what type of launch strategy suits your needs and will appeal most to your customers. And if you decide to go with this launch strategy, feel free to email us here at ARCH and let us know if you have any questions!