About a year ago, I began seeing problems in the social media marketing industry.

As a social media strategist, I was often asked, “How do you find time to do it all?” but when I started back in June 2012, time wasn’t an issue. Sure it was hectic to stay on top of every social platform, but it was doable.

But that changed.

By the end of 2013, I hit the limit of clients I could take on, I was spending more time maintaining my client’s brands than my own, and the ability to stay up to date on all of the social networks diminished.

Social media changes FAST. Take Facebook – it basically changes on a daily basis, and doesn’t even resemble the social network it was a year ago. It’s a business now – you have to pay to play, and they don’t give away anything for free anymore. And for social professionals, this means you can build a career solely on Facebook Organic Growth or Facebook Ads. They are two completely different avenues – one creative and the other, analytical.

Not that social professionals can’t be both creative and analytical, but as you may (if you’re in the marketing world) or may not (if you’re a biz owner or person on the outside of social media) have noticed, social pros have been branching off this year and choosing to focus on one social network or on one aspect of a social network.

And they’re smart.

Because social media isn’t the little kid it used to be – it’s growing up at a faster pace than we expected. Pinterest is maturing it’s analytics and ad stream, and successful Twitter ad case studies are beginning to pop up everywhere.

For the client, this probably isn’t something that bothers you. But you should be aware because the social media professional you’ve hired may not be staying up to date.

To recap, I’ve watched these changes this year: social professionals niching out, the maturing of the social networks, and the struggle between handling an agency and continuing to offer the best social service.

Bottom line: there just isn’t time for everything.

But along the bumpy road of trying to figure out how to grow my agency, and be honest when promising top notch service came the perfect answer: an agency comprised of specialists. And not just self-proclaimed specialists, people who have already been recognized on their own for being outstanding social media professionals.

I present to you: ARCH Digital Agency, the first social media marketing agency comprised of specialists who work together giving clients The Best while staying educated, relevant, and at the top of their social media game.

If you’re a business owner, this should excite you because you’d be hiring a team of specialists to develop, grow and maintain your online presence for close to what it costs to hire one social professional.

And if you’re a social media professional, then you see the amazing implication such an agency has. Not only are specialists focusing on what they do best, but also doing what they are most passionate about and that’s where synergy occurs.

I am honored and excited to introduce to you: Blake Jamieson, the Facebook Ads Specialist, KP Kelly, Twitter Organic Growth Specialist, and Dave Perrotta, the Copywriting, Sales Funnels and Email Marketing Specialist.

And if you’re wondering what my specialty is, it’s organic growth across all networks. I specialize in content creation, design, relationship development and community growth. I will have my hands in everything because it’s who I am. And now I can do it without feeling the pressure to stay on the very top of everything.

I believe the ARCH Digital Agency model is the new type of social agencies that will emerge because professionals cannot honestly stay on top of every social network, and continue to offer excellent social media marketing.

It’s time to team up, change the way we (social professionals) do business, and honor our word when we offer clients the very best.

And if you’re wondering what ARCH stands for – it’s a combination of my initials and the sole intention to continue growing and shooting UPWARD.

I would LOVE to know what you think about the new ARCH Digital Agency and if you would like to find out more about the Specialists, check out the About page.