When it comes to social media advertising, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram may be the first platforms to come to mind, but what about Pinterest? Pinterest may not be in the spotlight, but it needs to be on your radar. With over 100 million active daily users who spend twice the amountof money online as the average U.S. Internet user, Pinterest is perfect for advertising opportunities.

Here’s why you should be be promoting pins on pinterest…
Bookmarking vs. Networking
Although Pinterest is thought of as a social media site, it’s actually more of a bookmarking and curation site for people who are looking for items and ideas. Hence why ComScore says that Pinterest users purchase items found on Pinterest more twice as much as users of other social media sites. While users visit other sites for networking and to connect with friends and family, users visit Pinterest with the desire to actively search for products and services.

Organic Reach
Promoted pins on Pinterest appear in searches and on users’ feeds and look exactly like regular pins. Because they don’t stand out garishly as advertisements or sales pitches, the connection with users is more organic in nature. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t converting sales; Pinterest has the option of including a “Buy It” button into pins (making them ‘Buyable Pins’) so users can securely purchase your product or service through Pinterest.

If you’re looking for engagement and exposure for your brand, you can also integrate content from other sites into Pinterest by pinning blog posts, articles, links to your website, and more. Pinning your company’s blogs is a fantastic way to establish credibility for your brand and create value for potential customers on Pinterest.

You can also target your Promoted Pins toward certain demographics and users with specific interests so that you’re making the most of every advertising dollar you spend. Take time and be thoughtful with any user research that you already have and it will pay off!

Pay Per Click
On Pinterest you have two options, you can pay for each user that clicks through to your website, or pay for engagement in the form of repins, closeups, and clicks on your Promoted Pins. You don’t have to start with a huge budget. Just start small and through trial and error, see what works best for your business and if you’re getting the results you want. Only if you’re sure the platform will deliver results for you should you feel comfortable investing more of your ad budget.

It’s Not Just for Females
Yes, Pinterest has typically been dominated by women, so any products or services for women and families tend to do well on the site. However, don’t discount men all together. Male users are growing steadily on Pinterest and currently comprise over 33% of its users. That’s over 33 million men who are bookmarking and shopping, and haven’t yet been oversaturated by ads! It’s a great time to jump in and start promoting pins with male customers in mind.

If you haven’t yet explored Pinterest for advertising and marketing opportunities for your brand yet, there’s no time like the present! It can be a smart idea to jump on the bandwagon of a growing network rather than one that’s already oversaturated with ads.