Those of you who follow me on Twitter or who read my blog posts have heard of me talking about the importance of tweeting often. I feel that consistency is one of the biggest keys to social media success. Part of being consistent involves consistently publishing content and on no other network is there a bigger need to frequently post content than on Twitter.

Twitter is not like Facebook or Instagram. While Twitter has now implemented its version of an algorithm, it is very different from that of the Facebook algorithm. The fact remains that after ten minutes of publishing your tweet, few people will ever see the tweet. Therefore, you need to consistently tweet throughout the day. I suggest 15+ times per day, including retweets and replies. Most of my clients tweet 30+ times per day. Does that seem like too much? I assure you that it is not. If you don’t tweet 15+ times per day, you’ll limit your engagement, reach, follower growth and other measurable goals such as website and link clicks.

To put this to the test, I experimented with my own twitter account, @KP_Kelly. Last year I averaged 41.2 tweets per day. I averaged 3,400 new followers per month; 1,650 Retweets and 2,600 Mentions per month.

The Experiment:
Month 1: 10 or fewer Tweets per day.

Month 2: 20+ Tweets per day.

I tweeted the same content each month. Here were the results:

Month 1:
247 Tweets (8.2 Tweets per day)

1,002 New Followers


888 Mentions

Month 2:
791 Tweets (26.3 Tweets per day)

4,127 New Followers


2,208 Mentions

I maintained the same strategy in both months, with the exception of changing the frequency of my tweets. The frequency change alone from month one to month two more than tripled all of my measurable engagement numbers.

Each Twitter account is different. Every brand has its own goals, target audience and strategy. However, whatever your brand and goals are, if you consistently tweet (quality content) 20 plus times per day, it is highly likely you’ll experience better success. Consistently tweet quality content.